Sample Essay on Demand Curve

Economists have different ways of addressing things affecting consumers of goods and services each day. In many occasion, these experts have been offering incredible advice on how to run business and excel in the competitive market. One of the essential things that economists have made it easy to understand is demand curve and related issues. Demand curve is the graph showing the relationship between the price of a certain good and the amount that the consumers are willing and able to purchase at that given price.

Demand curve is a graphic representation of a demand schedule and it is used to estimate behaviors in competitive markets. Supply and demand charts are quite essential tools when it comes to economic analysis.

In general, a demand curve or any related figures are important tools for ventures of any size. The demand curve illustrates the economic principle that, for most of the goods in the market, the quantity of demanded commodities rises as the prices decline and vice versa.

Demand curve is a significant tool for economic analysis and has three imperative characteristics to know. The first trait of the demand curve is that it is located on a two-dimensional graph that is made up of a vertical and horizontal axis. On the vertical axis [usually labelled as ] represents the prices while the horizontal axis [labelled as ] represents the quantity demanded.В Downward sloping is the other essential characteristic of demand curve.

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The law of demand posits that, as prices of goods and services decline, consumers want more of it or the demand rises. This is simply illustrated by the demand curve in a way that the downward sloping illustrates less demand at higher prices and more at lower prices. The steepness of the demand curve will depend on how receptive customers are to changes in price of commodities.

Factors such as consumers income and the price of competitive commodities should always be kept constant for the relationship between price and quantity demanded to achieve its goals. However, when other factors that affect demand levels in the market, the demand curve is likely to shift to illustrate higher or lower levels of demand at any given price level. For instance, in case of higher demand, the curve will shift to right, and left to indicate lower demand. At all times, businesses create products and services based on consumers demands. Demand curve helps in interpreting the relationships between the demand of goods and services via a graphical representation.

For those entrepreneurs who utilize a demand curve to check the progress of their ventures need to keep a number of factors that affect the demand curve in mind. This includes the market size which is determined by the number of potential buyers who are willing to purchase available commodities. Other factors affecting demand curve are complementary products and services, income, customer preference, substitute products and services and future expectations. As you design your demand curve, keep in mind the determinants and role of price in mind. If stuck, it is wise to inquire for help from experts.

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