Sample Essay on David Ben-Gurion

David Ben-Gurion is one of the leaders that made the history of Israel in mid 20 th century. He served as Israels Prime Minister for two terms, from 1948 to 1953 and between 1955 and 1963. He was born in Poland in 1886. Among other things, David Ben-Gurion delivered the countrys declaration of independence on May 14 1948. Because of his charisma, Ben-Gurion worn the trust of many people and upon his final retirement, he was largely referred to as Father of the Nation.” Ben-Gurion died in 1973 at the age of eighty-seven years. How did Ben-Gurion spend his childhood to rise and become Israels first Prime Minister?

He was formerly known as David Gruen. Ben-Gurion went to a Hebrew school, which was pioneered by his Zionist father.

This affected him, as he became a Zionist youth leader in his teenage. Ben-Gurion started teaching in a Jewish school when he turned eighteen years old. As a result, he coupled Zionism with Socialism, and joined the Workers of Zion Group. His commitment in seeing a Jewish homeland landed him in the Middle East in 1906, where he organized groups for agricultural workers and guards, who offered defense to the Jews. Here, he adopted the name Ben-Gurion. He left Palestine because of World War I; he was deported and went to New York City in America, where he fell in love with Paula Monbesz, a fellow Zionist and later got married.

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Ben-Gurion returned to the Middle East in 1917 after the British government announced the Balfour Declaration, which promised home for the Jews in Palestine. His main aim to return to the Middle East was to fight the Ottomans for the freedom of Palestine. Because of their consolidated efforts, they defeated the Ottomans, and Ben-Gurion called on Jews to move to Palestine in large numbers. This became the foundation of Israel, a Jewish State in the Middle East. Ben-Gurion rose through various ranks to become the leader of the Zionist Executive, which controlled the activities of Zionists in the world. As Jew continued to immigrate into Palestine, the Arabs in the region became concerned, leading to clashes and violence. During this time, the British government favored the Arabs and imposed restriction against the Jewish movement into Palestine. As the Zionist leader, Ben-Gurion urged all Jews to resist England at all cost.

World War II also played a major role in shaping events leading to the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine. After realizing the significance of the war, Ben-Gurion and other officials agreed to form the state in May 1942. He did not give up his quest for the establishment of the State and rebellion against England. It was in May 1948, when three world forces at the moment, the United States, Soviet Union and the United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of Israel.

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Following this resolution, Ben-Gurion became Israels first Prime Minister and Minister for defense. His first tasks were to establish institutions and infrastructural initiatives, working towards developing the new State of Israel. He is remembered for nurturing a resilient defense force to resist Arab aggression during his tenure at the helm of the nation. Ben-Gurion temporarily retired in 1953 before assuming power in 1955 and finally retiring in 1963 because of personal reasons.

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